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Digital Storage and Backup

One of the great advantages of digital photography is that you can take as many photos as you want and edit and delete them later. Consequently, a lot more photos are taken and you have to consider the amount of storage that you have, and what to do with it.

While out and about, there are many storage solutions:

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Traveling and Film Concerns

When travelling with a film camera, you also have a few choices about what to do with your. What you do may depend on where you are and how long you are away for. Many people chose to carry all their exposed film with them until returning. If you are concerned about losing your luggage or have no room to carry the film, you may chose to send them back by mail, in which case you also have the risk of losing the package in the mail. Another option is to have the film developed where you are. Then you have the knowledge that your photos have worked out and you can show people straight away, though you may be unsure of the quality of the printing in some places. You may prefer to wait until you return home to develop the photos at your local photo shop that you know and trust with you travel memories.