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Taking Photos of Movement

Adjusting the exposure time and shutter speed is necessary to capture subjects in low light conditions and fast moving objects. These factors can be used to your advantage to show movement in an otherwise two dimensional static picture. Below are examples of this.

A lot of fun can be had using the flash in combination with a long exposure, enabling you to combine sharpness of an image with motion blur. You may need to experiment to get the best effect.

fire dancer
combination of flash and
long exposure captures
the dancer and the motion
of the fire stick.

new york
A long exposure in the
dimly let Grand Central Station
shows the movement of the
people as they go about
their business

A long exposure shows
the motion of the hand
crushing the herbs

A flash captures the dancers
in motion while the long
exposure is used to move
the lens for a special effect.

racing car
combination of flash and
a long exposure shows the
movement of the vehicle

a fast shutter speed is needed
to capture fast moving objects