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Photography for everyone

There are unlimited uses of a camera in your everyday life. There can be many reasons why we take photos: for some photography is a pleasurable hobby, others just want to record the places they see or people they meet for their own memories, or to show friends and family back home when traveling, or they may even want to publish photos online or work as a professional photographer. For all reasons, getting to know your camera and getting the best photograph of each situation is important. This section provides information on all aspects of photography, with guidelines and tips gained from our own experiences and using examples of our own photos.

Cameras and Accessories

Photographers getting the best viewDevelop a critical eye

Make note of the information on this website, but the best lesson in photography is for you to experiment and to look critically at the photos you take and other people's photos you see. Over time you will develop an eye for composition and you too can take great looking photos that will truly capture what you see.

Guide for Every Situation

Using examples from our photo collection, the following sections discuss photo taking technique in a variety of situations.

Photo Opportunities