Copyright Information

All images on this website are copyright to and the photgrapher Rob Wood.

You are free to copy and use the images found here "as is" for non-commercial uses. That means you can freely use the images for such things as your school project, club newsletter and personal website. You do not need to ask permission to do this. The images must be used without modification, which means the copyright symbol and words (if present) must remain on the image. You must also include details of the source of the image, and if it is online this usually involves listing the copyright owner and having an active link back to this site.

Purchasing an image

Many fo the images featured on this site are availabale at larger resolution. If you wish to purchase any of the photos on this site, please contact us via this form and let us know which photos you are interested in and for what purpose you intend to use the photo, and we will get back top you with details.

Commercial Uses

The images are not free if they are to be used for commerical purposes (examples are being published in a book, for printing on t-shirts that will be sold, on business websites). In most commercial use cases you will need the image in higher resolution anyway, and without the copyright wording, which will require you to purchase it from me.